Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Tuning Up After A Morning Swim Before Wildscaping To Arlington's Chinatown

I don't know why it almost looks like waves were waving in the pool this morning whilst I was having my morning swim.

Due to weather related concerns yesterday's Labor Day Picnic took place in my communal neighborhood park.

There is a big fireplace in the center of my communal neighborhood park. For some reason Crazy Greg thought it a good idea to build a real big fire. I guess it was not HOT enough. This type behavior is why this boy is known as Crazy Greg.

Several people dragged barbecuing devices to the communal neighborhood park. I BBQed my keilbasa on the Silas and Sue BBQ. Miss Puerto Rico showed up, food-free, but with a supply of adult libations. Big Ed got in a rather odd argument with Miss Puerto Rico over the Spanish-American War.

All in all Labor Day was interesting. I was forbidden from photo documenting the communal neighborhood park Labor Day Picnic. However, no one said anything about me not painting any word pictures.

The day after Labor Day started off fine, with the aforementioned photo documented swim.

And then, mid-morning, I drove to Arlington to get a tune up for one of my motorized motion contraptions. For a decade, or longer, when I need some auto doctoring I go to a place on Division Street in Arlington, run by Iranian exiles.

I walked a bit in the neighborhood while the tune up was taking place. In the picture, above, we are looking east. That is the auto medic place on the left, to the left of the pointy thing. As you can see, this part of Arlington's Division Street is a bleak bit of commercial wasteland. Sparse on sidewalks.

The tune-up did not take too long. Since I was in the neighborhood I decided to drive to Veterans Park for a short walk before heading to Arlington's Chinatown.

Walking in the Veterans Park Xeriscape area eventually leads to the more formal garden area, where the above deck exists. The above deck  made me a bit homesick, due to reminding me of the deck on the backside of my house in my old home zone in Mount Vernon, Washington.

And then it was off to Arlington's Chinatown, to the Cho Saigon Market. I got myself some much needed Asian supplies. Curry powder, sesame oil, coconut milk, soy sauce, fish sauce, oyster sauce, jasmine rice, garlic, tamarind pods, fresh mints, bean sprouts.

And 10 pounds of lean ground beef.

Yes, the Cho Saigon Market in Chinatown has an excellent fresh fish and meat counter.

Changing the subject from fresh fish and meat to something else.

I am only barely finished with lunch. Homemade black olive, green olive, mushroom pizza, BBQ chicken and salad.

To wake up my computer to find an email from the Fort Worth Library reminding me that the Ernest Hemingway Short Stories Collection that I checked out way back in early July, is due today and must be returned, lest I face a hefty fine that I can ill afford.

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