Friday, September 6, 2013

The North Texas Air Quality Has Turned Unhealthy For Us Sensitive Group Members With Too Much Ragweed

As you can see, via the gauge in the middle of the top row of the graphic above, the Air Quality Index at my location on the planet is currently in the Unhealthy for Sensitive Groups Red Zone.

Since I am borderline elderly I have decided to limit the outdoor air that I breathe today and not get myself any noontime endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation. I think I got myself plenty of endorphins from an hour in the pool starting before the sun arrived this morning to begin its daily heating duty.

Currently that aforementioned sun's daily heating duty has it only heating the outer world to 86, at about an hour before noon. Those 86 degrees are predicted to increase to 101 as today progresses.

In a related air quality issue. The past couple days I've been doing a bit more wheezing and sneezing than is the norm.

Today I learned that ragweed levels have been rising, which is having people sneezing all over North Texas. I think it was ragweed which brought about my allergic misery last October.

Apparently the high levels of ragweed are being mixed with elm and grass pollen, with the grass pollen being higher than the norm due to grass not turning the brown color it usually turns to by this time of the year.

Us Sensitive Group members are being advised to limit our pollen exposure by not going outside, while taking anti-allergy medications and taking showers to wash off the allergens.

Does swimming count as an allergen removing strategy?

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