Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Spencer Jack Sets Foot In Texas

This afternoon my Favorite Nephew Jason (FNJ), he being my Great Nephew Spencer Jack's dad, emailed me several photos, along with text, documenting Spencer Jack's quest to follow all  the train tracks, both defunct and still active, that are in the Skagit Valley of my old home zone in Washington.

Among the photos was the one above, documenting Spencer Jack stepping on Texas. If Spencer would move just a slight distance to his left he'd be stepping right on my current location.

It seems like only yesterday that I picked up Spencer Jack's dad and his Uncle Joey (my Favorite Nephew Joey, aka FNJ2) at D/FW Airport, where I soon got the news that Spencer Jack's dad was going to be getting married to Spencer Jack's mom.

I am guessing that this was in either later 2004 or 2005. The nuptials which ended up creating Spencer Jack occurred in April of 2006.

Those nuptials were over 7 years ago. Again, seems like yesterday.

And now Spencer Jack is in school, having started 1st Grade a couple weeks ago.

And setting foot in Texas.....

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