Saturday, September 21, 2013

Rolling Over Gateway Falls Finding Trash Bashed Before Finding Mango Power Yogurt

This last day of summer I had myself a really fine time rolling my bike wheels in and out of Gateway Park.

If I remember right in the past I referred to what you see in the photo as Trinity Falls.

Today I decided a much better  name would be Gateway Falls.

No, that is not me in the picture contemplating jumping in Gateway Falls. When I pedaled past the guy in the picture I saw that he was holding a fishing pole. This did not seem like it would be a very good location to catch fish.

Today was Trash Bash Day on the Trinity River. I don't remember if Trash Bashing the Trinity River is a once a year event, or if the trash gets bashed more than once a year.

What I do know is I saw no Trash Bashers bashing trash.

However, I did see a lot of bashed trash, already stuffed in bags and set beside the Trinity Trail.

In the quarter mile before I reversed direction, I saw a dozen or more collections of bashed trash like you are looking at in the picture.

It has been months since we have had a day like today in North Texas, with a refreshing chill in the air and with no overheating into a sweaty mess every time a water break gets taken.

By the time I rolled into the Town Talk  parking lot I realized I had not been running my motorized conveyance's air-conditioning. And I had not rolled down a window.

And I did not quickly head to the Town Talk cooler to cool down, soon upon arrival. It has been months since I have not quickly headed to the Town Talk cooler soon upon arrival.

I already said, this last day of summer is a very pleasant day in North Texas.

I found no memorable treasures in Town Talk today. Some rabbit food in the form of a couple types of lettuce. Just remembered, I did find something good. Something called Power Yogurt. Mango Power Yogurt, with 20 grams of protein per serving.

Speaking of food. It is time for lunch now. Pizza, chorizo, broccoli and salad.

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