Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Rolling My Wheels Away From Snake Encounters In Fort Worth's Gateway Park

Even though it is Wednesday, not Saturday, today I rolled my wheels to my regular Saturday photo location atop a cliff semi-high above the green Trinity River in Fort Worth's Gateway Park.

With rain predicted to dampen North Texas I figured today might be the last mud-free day for the near future.

I likely figured wrong.

Today's photo op location had something added since last Saturday.

Can you spot the addition in the photo?

Yes, that's right, a snake skin is dangling from  that green bush in front of my handlebars.

A short distance after this snake skin encounter I came upon a pair of disc golfers who told me that moments before they had come upon a Copperhead which quickly slithered away from them.

So, with the snake skin and the Copperhead report I continued my pedaling on heightened snake alert.

Early on in my Texas exile I was very vigilant regarding snakes. Gradually I adjusted to the fact that one does not encounter all that many snakes when one is out and about in the Texas outer world.

Yesterday I mentioned that my front bike tire had been spiked by a mesquite thorn. I am very pleased to report that 24 hours later the inner tube's self-sealing slime apparently works. Zero leakage.

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