Wednesday, September 4, 2013

My Weekly Wednesday Neighborhood Inspection Found A Fort Worth Water Truck Leaking Water

With today being Wednesday today is one of my twice weekly neighborhood inspections days. That and it is the day I walk up the hill to Albertsons to get this week's Fort Worth Weekly when I remember to.

When my walking brought me to the point where I see Boca Raton Boulevard I saw that water was flowing where water should not be flowing.

And then that which you see above came into view.

A Fort Worth Water truck.

It was from this Fort Worth Water truck that the water was leaking, gushing out of the round pipe you see at the top of the truck, then running down the street to the nearest drain.

Seems like only yesterday I read that Fort Worth and environs may soon be needing to get way stricter with the water restrictions, due to the ongoing dire Great North Texas Drought, 2013 version.

Then again, it did rain Labor Day morning. Maybe that rain ended the Great North Texas Drought, 2013 version....

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