Monday, September 9, 2013

Learning Cell Phone History Before Biking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts Re-Living The Killing Of John B. Denton

Yesterday I was bum puzzled by Hawk Electronics and AT & T and my phone not working.

This morning after having myself a really fine time calling Hawk Electronics customer support to listen to music, interspersed with fascinating facts about cell phone history, with periodic interruptions to advise me that I could go to the Hawk Electronics website and click on 'contact us' to use the same contact options I'd already used to no avail.

When a live human finally got on the line I asked why any number I called went to Hawk Electronics. I was asked my name and number. Then I was told there was no problem with my account. I repeated the problem. The live human put me back on music, again, but was back in about 15 seconds, not 15 minutes, to tell me that OOOPS, there had been a service malfunction affecting my phone and that the live human would have it back working immediately.

I hung up after the live human profusely apologized for the inconvenience.

And then I was off to Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area to get myself some stimulation via rolling my wheels.

Those are my bike handlebars, above, looking at one of the historical markers along the paved trail. This historical marker tells you, from the white man perspective, about Texans chasing Indians during the Battle of Village Creek on May 24, 1841.

General Tarrant of Tarrant County fame led 69 murderers, I mean, volunteers, on an early morning attack on the villages along Village Creek, destroying two large Caddo villages. Eventually, a short distance to the north of the location of the above historical marker, John B. Denton, of Denton County fame, was "ambushed and killed".

Ambushed and killed? I don't quite see how it is that one can be ambushed when one is busy attacking villages with the villagers rightfully trying to defend themselves against the attackers. Seems to me like it was the villages along Village Creek which were ambushed.

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