Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Having A Really Fine Time Rolling Over A Thorn At Mallard Cove Park

In the picture you are looking at my bike's handlebars looking at one of the entry points to Fort Worth's Mallard Cove Park.

As you can see the usual blue sky which hovers above my location on the planet is currently being blocked by a lot of gray clouds.

Thunderstorms are in the forecast. Currently I have heard no booming.

My pedaling at Mallard Cove Park was uneventful except for one event.

I rolled over a thorn.

The thorn was stuck to a stick. I think it may have been a mesquite branch. I quickly pulled out the thorn. It had penetrated deep into my front inner tube.

My inner tubes have self sealing slime inside them.

I continued rolling a couple more miles, to no noticeable air leakage. By the time I made it back to my abode the tire still felt fully inflated.

But, I will not be totally shocked tomorrow to find my front tire flat.

All this self sealing slime talk has me being hungry. I  must put an end to my current starvation. Lunch will likely accomplish that goal.

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