Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Fort Worth Weekly's Grabbing The Purse Article About The Dorothy Luck Scandal Has Me Feeling Very Cranky Tonight

What you are looking at on the left is the cover of this week's Fort Worth Weekly. I started reading this issue's main article, Grabbing the Purse by Jeff Prince, the day I picked up this issue last week.

But, I quickly found what I was reading to be unsettlingly maddening. So, I put off reading the article.

Til today.

The story told in Grabbing the Purse is yet one more example of there being something very corrupt and very wrong in Fort Worth and Tarrant County.

How many people have read this article? Why is there no outcry demanding a criminal investigation into the judicial misconduct described in this article?

Did Fort Worth Mayor Betsy Price get on the phone and call someone who could do something to fix this horrific injustice? If not, why not?

I tell you, the Culture of Corruption runs so deep at this location on the planet, whether it is corrupt judges, corrupt politicians, corrupt government agencies, corrupt newspapers, corrupt eminent domain abuses, corrupt river visions.

This Grabbing the Purse tale of a corrupt good ol' boy network of one corrupt hand washing another corrupt hand, facilitating stealing the fortune, stealing the peace of mind, stealing the life of a Fort Worth native, 85 year old Dorothy Luck, has left me more annoyed than I have been yet at any of the outrageous things I have witnessed taking place since my Texas exposure began.

Six paragraphs below from Grabbing the Purse to entice you to read the entire article, particularly you reading this who are in other parts of the planet, other than Texas. You will be incredulous to learn that this can happen in America, the Land of the Free....

Dorothy Luck was enjoying the fruits of a lifetime of hard work: a well-cared-for house, a good-running Cadillac Deville, a million dollars in a bank account, another million in annuities, and a monthly income from investments and Social Security. A widow with no children or close relatives, she remains active and relatively healthy at 85.

The neat and still-elegant woman has always kept a close watch on her finances, and she believed she’d have plenty of money to last until the end of her life.

“I was very wealthy,” she said. “Now they’ve stripped me of about everything I have.”

The people stripping away her wealth aren’t con artists, muggers, or thieves, although the end result looks the same. “They” are a judge and court-appointed lawyers involved in a probate system that deemed Luck to be mentally incapacitated and unable to handle her affairs.

Two years ago they took control of her money and her life. She’s been writhing in the court system ever since, trying to regain control of her bank account, which has become at least $500,000 lighter since the court took over.

“I’ve worked since I was 15 years old, and I don’t deserve this,” Luck said. “It’s going to kill me. It’s aged me terribly.”

So? Who is going to fix this? Methinks the fix is going to need to come from somewhere outside of Fort Worth and Tarrant County and Texas. A federal investigation?

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