Sunday, September 8, 2013

A Tale Of Two Town's Temperatures Via Spencer Jack's Dad

When last I checked in on Facebook I saw that Spencer Jack's dad, he being my favorite nephew Jason, also known as FNJ, brother of my favorite nephew Joey, also known as FNJ2, had shared the temperature forecast for Mount Vernon and its Skagit Valley Western Washington environs for the coming week.

Looking at the evidence Jason provided, on Facebook, screencapped above, it appears that Jason's zone on the planet is looking forward to a week of natural air-conditioning.

While at my zone on the planet, judging by my temperature predicting evidence, it appears I will need to rely on un-naturally air-conditioned air to keep cool in the coming week.

I am hoping that within a month the temperature at my zone on the planet gets down to Jason's naturally air-conditioned level.

I am planning on going to this year's State Fair of Texas. When I go to the State Fair of Texas I prefer that the temperature be chilly enough to warrant long pants, because I have gotten chilly a time or two in short pants at the State Fair of Texas after the sun goes down.

This year's State Fair of Texas starts up September 27, ending October 20.

The last time I went to the State Fair of Texas I drove to Dallas, found myself directed to a parking lot a distance from Fair Park, with transportation to the fairgrounds provided by a Trinity Rail Express train. I'm thinking taking the Trinity Rail Express (TRE) train to Dallas, and then the DART train to Fair Park, might make for an interesting day.

Or a nightmare of missed transit connections....

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