Sunday, September 29, 2013

A Sunday Walk With Village Creek Litter Hitting Birds

Saturday some rain fell on North Texas. When rain falls in North Texas the rain that falls usually causes creeks and rivers to flow with more water than the norm.

Along with a lot of litter.

In the picture you are looking at the pile of litter piled up today against one of the dam bridges in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area, where, historically, I often go for a Sunday walk, or bike ride, with the Village Creek Indian ghosts.

Today I opted for the walking option. Along with a lot of other people.

Soon after I crossed over the dam bridge I came upon the scene below.

In the foreground a guy walking with an odd gait at a fast pace. Behind the fast walking guy was a group hitting birds with badmitton rackets. I had never seen this particular bird hitting activity in the Village Creek Natural Historical Area before.

Changing the subject from hitting birds to something else.

This morning I did not wake up til after the arrival of the sun on this last Sunday of September. I don't think my tardy awakening had anything to do with being out way past my regular bedtime attending Saturday's world premiere of Josh Fox's Gasland II at Fort Worth's Ridglea Theater.

With tomorrow being the last day of September I am being appalled at the rapidity with which time seems to be passing. Halloween will soon be upon us, followed by the dreaded, by me, Holiday Season.

On the plus side, I am already done with my Christmas shopping....

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