Saturday, September 7, 2013

A Regular Saturday Roll Through The Gateway Park Jungle Followed By Town Talk Maple Yogurt

Today being Saturday naturally I was back at what has recently become my regular Saturday photo op, that being a cliff in Gateway Park overlooking the beautifully green Trinity River.

I have seen a river or two named Green. Green River in Utah comes to mind, with that Utah Green River not being green.

I have no idea what grows in the Trinity River that colors it such a pleasant shade of green, but today, looking over the cliff into the water  I spotted two very large fish near the surface.

The spotted fish were a couple feet in length. The distance and distortion caused by the water kept me from telling for sure if this was a pair of Gar Fish I was looking at.

I have not been in a Texas body of water, except for my swimming pool, since the day I had a Gar Fish pointed out to me for the first time, in Village Creek. A week after that I was at a dock on Lake Grapevine where a pair of teenage girls informed me that one of their friends had stepped on the teeth of a Gar Fish, at that location, the week before.

I have seen a large lizard basking in the sun at the fringe of my pool, but no Gar Fish. I think it is likely almost impossible for a Gar Fish to make its way to my pool.

An alligator, maybe.

A few years ago an 11 foot alligator was run over and killed a very short distance from my abode. That alligator had wandered from the safety of the Trinity River on to Trinity Boulevard. Perhaps the gator had misread the signage.

After having myself a really fine time rolling my wheels in the refreshingly shady Gateway Park jungle I rolled my motorized wheels to Town Talk where I did not find anything particularly noteworthy, besides my Town Talk staples, unless one considers a couple cases of Greek Maple Yogurt to be noteworthy. Maple was the only flavor in the cooler and I was out of yogurt.

I was in the pool for an hour early this morning. I am tempted to have myself a rare afternoon swim, what with it being nearly 100. I'll likely resist the temptation.

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