Thursday, August 22, 2013

This Afternoon I Googled Crazy After Being Assaulted By Deranged Demented Craziness

I Googled "crazy" and rather than the usual list of links, the definition to the left popped up.

The first line of the definition, that I read, was "mentally deranged as manifested in a wild or aggressive way."

Well, late this afternoon, seeing a whole lot of crazy became my entertainment.

The crazy first arrived in email. Then blog comments.

I forwarded the crazy emails to various sorts who knew of the crazy source.

The blog comments went to spam. I did not know of them til I got another crazy email informing me that the crazy one had been making blog comments.

I did not hit the publish button on any of the crazy comments, because, well, because of that crazy thing.

Myself and others with whom I shared today's crazy outbreak are all in agreement that though totally crazy the crazy person has good reason to be being a bit unhinged and lashing out like a deranged, unhinged crazy person.

And we all feel real sorry for her. But she really needs to get a grip, calm down and quit acting so crazy.


Anonymous said...

I think you handled today's outbreak gracefully. More so than I would.

Blobfish Hunter said...

I will monitor Facebook in case she has an episode there.