Wednesday, August 14, 2013

The Thunder Rolls In North Texas On This Dog Day Of August

For the last half hour, give or take a minute or two, thunder has been booming, rain has been dropping.

When this booming and dropping was going on I was not near my computer based weather monitoring device.

When I returned to being near my computer based weather monitoring device I saw it was flashing red with the warning....


What is an "AREAL FLOOD?" I assume that "AD" word that got cut off in the warning was hoping  to spell "ADVISORY."

Earlier today the forecast for this point in time, in the early evening, was for diminished storm action. Instead we are getting more storm action than what happened this morning when storm action was predicted.

My hatches were already battened down, so I am totally prepared to weather this current storm. As long as it does not go into tornado mode at my location....

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