Saturday, August 10, 2013

The Continuing Saga Of Lee Harvey Oswald & Nick Beef In Fort Worth's Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery

At some point in time, early in this century, I learned that the final resting place of the assassin of John F. Kennedy, Lee Harvey Oswald, was in my neighborhood, in a place called Shannon Rose Hill Cemetery.

Soon after learning about my new neighbor I paid a visit. During that visit I noticed that next to Lee Harvey Oswald's headstone there was a headstone for someone named Nick Beef.

The Nick Beef headstone, just like Oswald's, has no details, no birth date, no death date, nothing but the name.

After my visit I webpaged Oswald's Gravesite on my Eyes on Texas website.

Soon after I webpaged Oswald's Gravesite I received info regarding Nick Beef and added that info.

Then yesterday I heard from Ed, via email and a blog comment, with the email's subject line being "The real 'Nick Beef' story."

Ed's real Nick Beef story was an article from August 9, 2013, in the New York Times, titled Mystery From the Grave Beside Oswald’s, Solved which elaborated on the explanation I already had regarding the Nick Beef headstone.

With the upcoming 50th Anniversary of the JFK Assassination I am noticing an uptick in visits to my 3 webpages that deal with that subject, those being the Dealey Plaza page, the JFK Anniversary page and the Oswald's Gravesite page.

I am also noticing an uptick in visits to a blog post related to the JFK 50th subject titled You Need A Criminal Background Check To Get A Ticket To Dealey Plaza For The 50th JFK Assassination Event In Dallas.

I can not help but wonder how many people, so far, have subjected themselves to a criminal background check to get themselves a ticket allowing them to be at Dealey Plaza this coming November 22.

I am guessing the crowd in Dealey Plaza this coming November 22, will be quite a bit smaller than the throng that crowded into that location on November 22, 2003. At that point in time, just over 2 years after the 9/11 attacks, no criminal background check was needed, or a ticket, to be there that day.

I long for the simpler times of yesteryear.....

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