Saturday, August 10, 2013

Shocking New Age Related Information Regarding Haltom City's Layla Caraway

I was perusing this week's Fort Worth Weekly when I came upon an advertisement which surprised me.

I knew that Miss Layla Caraway's birthday this year was a significant one.

But, for some reason I thought the number was going from 29 to 30.

Not 39 to 40.

On more than one occasion, when Miss Layla and I have been out in public, there have been incidents where someone makes a remark which indicates the person making the remark believes me to be Layla's dad, with the remark being directed at Layla being something along the line of  how nice of you to take your elderly dad out on the town.

I have found these incidents of being mistaken for being Layla's dad to be slightly unsettling, but I quickly get over it.

However, now I must re-assess, what with this Lordy Lordy Look Who's 40 information. I guess this means I look something like 70.

Anyway, Happy Birthday, Layla. You don't  look a day over 29.....

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