Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Please Help Fort Worth Weekly's Peter Gorman

Incoming from Elsie Hotpepper pointed me to the need to please help Peter Gorman.

Peter Gorman is an award winning journalist who wrote some of Fort Worth Weekly's more memorable pieces, such as Can of Worms, regarding the can of worms known as Haltom City.

Deep in the Peruvian jungle Peter Gorman found himself three staph infections which have turned into an ongoing battle.

A webpage in titled Help Peter Gorman Please has been set up, along with a Facebook page title Help Peter Gorman Please.

The article says in part....

Peter is a noted and award-winning journalist and adventurer - also a damn good friend, father, brother, guide and simply all-around one of the good guys, and there ain't many good guys left.

For nearly 30 years Peter has been working with Ayahuasca, and in Peru in the deep jungle -- he is a living legend.

Let's keep it that way

This recent trip the jungle sunk its teeth in really, seriously deep and Peter picked up three different staph infections - a flesh eating bacteria - that tore into him and threatened to eat his leg away below the knee. 

As I write this, his leg has been saved - however, he's not out of the woods yet.

Peter is still fighting the infection - battling against it going systemic - throughout his entire body. 

Peter writes: "(It's) ...been in the muscle for six weeks. Been on drip for six weeks. In Iquitos, in the jungle, in Iquitos and here at the hospital and now here at home. I'm about to have an IV as a matter of fact. I've already lost a lot of muscle. I'm trying to keep it from reaching the bone and going systemic."

Peter needs funds to help pay for medical costs - now.

Peter's long-time friend Alan Shoemaker writes:

"...he has already spent 80 grand... and the two skin grafts, IF the leg is saved, will cost around 15 grand... and the antibotics he needs now and everything else, nursing care at home for a month, etc... so yes, this will bankrupt him easily... We can help. Please."

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