Sunday, August 25, 2013

Pedaling To The East End Of River Legacy Park Talking To My Dad

Today I pedaled the River Legacy Park paved trail to its eastern end for the first time in a long time.

In years past I pedaled to this point many times a month.

Way back in 2003, when this new section of trail opened, I recollect reading that the trail would soon be extended across Highway 360 to connect with the Dallas Trinity River trail.

I must have remembered wrong, because it has been a decade since I thought the trail would soon be extended.

Saturday and Sunday, on nicely temperatured days, always finds a lot of people having themselves a really fine time rolling their wheels in River Legacy Park.

Today I was passed by dozens of speed demons.

I passed a couple slow pokes.

I got gas on my way to River  Legacy. Like I often do when I get gas I called my mom and dad. I was calling my mom and dad today, even if I did not get gas.

I think it was on Monday I got a text message from my sister which said something like "Surgery went well. Mom doing fine." I knew my mom was have her knee operated on. When last I talked to my mom the exact date of the surgery was still unknown.

So, a few minutes after getting the text message I called my sister back. About 10 seconds into the call my phone exploded with its battery needs charging noise. When I got back to my abode an hour or two later, I plugged the phone into the charger and called my sister back. At that point in time she was with my mom. We talked for a few minutes.

I thought I was told that my mom would be released from the surgical center on Thursday. I guess I assumed being released meant going home.

Today, when I called, my dad answered. My dad usually only answers the phone on his birthday and Father's Day. And sometimes even then my mom screens the calls.

So, turns out on Thursday mom went from the surgical center to a rehab center where she is having a really fine time learning to walk.

I talked to my dad all the way from the gas station in Fort Worth to River Legacy Park in Arlington. Usually dad is not all that chatty.

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