Thursday, August 29, 2013

On The Last Thursday Of August Texas Sizzles At 101 While Washington Shivers At 73

101 feeling like 102 this last Thursday afternoon of August.

I was not out in the HEAT too much today. My longest HEAT exposure occurred this morning in Arlington during one of the annual vehicle emissions inspections.

And then later there was a HOT walk to Albertsons to get this week's FW Weekly.

And then late in the afternoon I felt the need to yell at Miss Puerto Rico about something, so I hunted her down and did the necessary yelling, which had Miss Puerto Rico laughing because she's not heard me do all that much yelling. I think I may have been laughing too. It was a bit funny.

Checking temperatures this afternoon I found I am the HOTTEST of any of the temperatures I check. My mom and dad in the Phoenix zone are currently not even above 100 degrees, chilling at 98. With rain and flash flood warnings. It is the monsoon time of year in Arizona.

While my current home zone is being heated to a HOT 101, my old home zone is being naturally chilled to an icy 73.

I keep my air-conditioning set to around 80.

If I were up in Washington, right now, I would be shivering, with the locals not understanding why I am thinking I am cold.

Some of the Washington locals can be so insensitive when it comes to understanding how cold their climate is to one who lives in a HOT part of the planet.

This morning the pool actually felt a bit cool for the first time in a long time. That bit of cool is a harbinger of cooler pools to come.

If I remember right, by the end of September it becomes a bit more challenging to get in the pool. And then by the end of October I have to involve the hot tub in the process to make it work.

Tomorrow morning I do not think I will need to do any warming up in the hot tub.

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