Friday, August 9, 2013

None Of Today's Predicted Rain Got Me Wet While Biking With The Village Creek Indian Ghosts

That is me and my bike in front of the mysterious glass orb which hovers over this particular section of Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area's curvy paved trail.

The picture sort of captures how steamy HOT the outer world is at this location on the planet on this particular day in August.

August 9 to be precise. Happy Birthday, Miss Sampson.

The air is so humid what appear to be drops of rain seem to appear out of what seems to be nowhere.

Such as when I was in the pool early this morning.

There was no apparent rain cloud hovering over head. Yet I found myself, for a short duration, to be being pummeled by big drops of what appeared to be rain. I did not know, at the point in time when I was being pummeled, by wet from above, that the weather predictors are predicting rain for the majority of the next 7 days.

20% does not seem like all that great a chance for rain. But it is better than zero chance.

Not that I wish a hurricane on anyone, but if one should happen to happen, we could use the aftermath of one like Hurricane Hermine to drop a lot of water and fill the reservoirs.

The water situation is getting dire.

We  may have to cut back on wasting millions of gallons of the scarce stuff fracking gas wells if something wet does not fall from above soon...

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