Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Homesick With Spencer Jack Taking Pictures Of Volcanoes

I am being inundated with pictures from Washington that are making me a bit homesick.

On Monday it was a picture from Maxine that had me blogging Leaving Mountain-Free Texas To Hike With Maxine In The Noisy-Diobsud Wilderness.

My one and only time hiking in the Noisy-Diobsud Wilderness I had an up close encounter with a really big bear. It may have been a Grizzly. I have not had a single bear encounter in Texas, that I can recollect.

This morning it was my great nephew, Spencer Jack, who sent me pictures that made me a bit homesick.

That is one of the pictures you are looking at here, which is a picture of Spencer Jack's favorite girl friend, Brittney, taking a picture of Spencer Jack taking a picture of the Mount Baker volcano.

Spencer Jack took his dad and Brittney to the Mount Baker-Snoqualmie National Forest to walk across Upper Baker Dam and to go swimming in Baker Lake.

Regarding swimming in Baker Lake, Spencer Jack's dad reported...

The water was so incredibly clear. And I expected it to be much colder than it actually was. But an unusually warm summer made for a pleasant swimming outing.

I blogged the rest of Spencer Jack's Upper Baker Dam pictures on my Washington blog in a blogging titled Walking Across Upper Baker Dam With Spencer Jack.

I think I will book a flight north so I can go hiking with Spencer Jack in the North Cascades before the snow arrives in a couple months. 

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