Friday, August 9, 2013

Can Woodward & Bernstein Help With Fort Worth's Quest To Have A Real Newspaper?

This morning, during my semi-regular peruse of the Star-Telegraph (please note, that is Star-Telegraph, not Star-Telegram) I learned that the Star-Telegram (please note, that is Star-Telegram, not Star-Telegraph) in a recent editorial, regarding the brouhaha over the Tarrant Regional Water District's Private Deer Hunting Preserve & Lodge on Public Land, editorialized that the public should move on, that the issue is resolved, nothing to see here.


You can find the link to the Star-Telegram editorial by going to the Star-Telegraph posting titled One step forward and two steps back.

A few days ago I blogged about the TRWD Private Deer Hunting Preserve & Lodge on public land issue in a post titled Who Is Covering Up Who Stayed In The TRWD Hunting Preserve's Cabin?

In the Who Is Covering Up Who Stayed In The TRWD Hunting Preserve's Cabin? post I verbalized my perplexation over the fact that the log book in the TRWD's Hunting Preserve's cabin clearly says that everyone must sign in to the log book.

Yet all the pages were blank.

I asked what possible reason could there be for there being no names in the log book, opining that the logical explanation, to me, was that names in that log book did not match with the type people who the TRWD claimed were the sole users of the cabin, and so, to cover up that indiscretion, the log book was purged before the Fort Worth Star-Telegram reporter and the People's TRWD Board Member, Mary Kelleher, could see it.

Now, the Star-Telegram is telling us there is nothing to see here, regarding the TRWD Private Deer Hunting Preserve on public land.

In the Star-Telegraph's posting on this subject, mention is made of the dire need in Fort Worth for a real daily newspaper, rather than the pseudo newspaper the town is now ill-served by.

Ponder with me, what if, during the Watergate investigations the Washington Post's Woodward and Bernstein discovered Nixon was operating a Deer Hunting Preserve & Lodge, on public land, for his private use. With Nixon claiming this was a totally appropriate perk for administration employees.

If Woodward & Bernstein visited Nixon's cabin and saw a log book, which everyone was advised to sign in to, and discovered all the pages were blank, do you think that real newspaper known as the Washington Post would editorialize that there was nothing to see here?

Or would the Washington Post editorialize that Nixon needs to release the names of who was in that cabin's log book?

It really is a sad thing when a  town's only daily newspaper helps the powers that be perpetuate a cover up, rather than try to find out what is being covered up.

Sorry, Fort Worth Star-Telegram. You are wrong. There is something to see here. You just don't have the investigative integrity to find it.

Are Woodward & Bernstein available?????


Anonymous said...

Ask Mary Kelleher if she made the trip to the deer lease. Then ask the Editorial Board why they said she did.

Anonymous said...

Seeking out print journalism dates you Durango. Do you listen to your record player while reading? It must be painful getting old.

Durango said...

Anonymous #2, I don't want to embarrass you too badly by pointing out that your reading comprehension may be a bit lacking, but the articles referenced in the blog post to which you comment were online articles. The links that you see in the post go to what are known as webpages. On this thing called the Internet. No reference was made to the hard copy print version of the Star-Telegram.

And, I don't own a record player. I do sometimes listen to the radio while reading.

Just to be real clear, the point being made was that I was seeking out real journalism, this had absolutely nothing to do with print journalism.

I am sure you thought you were being very clever, though, when you actually weren't. And yes, it is very painful getting old. Cruel of you to point that out.

Anonymous said...

Nick Beef has been identified:

via the super hefty Bud Kennedy