Monday, August 26, 2013

Biking Mallard Cove Park Finding A Giant Pipe Bed & Tires

By the time the noon time of the day arrived I felt as if I needed an additional endorphin boost to the one I got early this morning via swimming for an hour.

I did not feel like driving very far, so I drove to the park closest to my abode, that being Mallard Cove Park, to pedal my bike.

I rolled a couple times around the paved trails and then exited the park to the wild zone.

The wild zone to the west of Mallard Cove Park sort of spooks me. As in, I get nervous that suddenly a scary human is going to pop out  from behind a tree.

Or be hiding somewhere, like when I looked inside the giant pipe you see above, I thought it might be someone's bedroom or a home for snakes.

As can see, there were no humans or snakes in the pipe.

This wild zone seems to be a bit of a dumping zone. Why would someone leave a giant piece of pipe laying in the woods?

Or the mattress with matching box spring you see below. The mattress appeared to be fairly new.

Maybe someone was camping at this location, hauled in a mattress for a comfortable night's sleep and then decided it was too much bother to haul the mattress back home. Or left it for the sleeping comfort of others.

And then there were the tires. What is it with Fort Worth and its multiple tire graveyards?

I saw the above tires from the same location I found the giant pipe, with that giant pipe laying about 20 feet from the cliff's edge. There are more than a dozen tires strewn on this particular Trinity River sandbar.

How do tires get to these type locations? Do tires float? Are tires recyclable?

All in all, I had myself a really fine time rolling around Mallard Cove Park, getting just the right amount of endorphins to have myself feeling real good.

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