Saturday, August 17, 2013

Biking The Gateway Park Cliffs Before Getting A Rabbit Food Supply

Since it is Saturday and I lack the imagination to do anything new, I drove myself to Gateway Park to roll my bike tires.

Due to rain deluging yesterday morning for what seemed to be a long enough duration to render Gateway Park's mountain bike trails too muddy to ride, I planned on pedaling the paved trails.

However, upon arrival at the Gateway Park parking lot it became apparent that the mountain bike trail was being biked.

And so that is what I did. Totally dry. No mud. Maybe yesterday's deluge did not deluge on this location.

In the picture you are looking at the location of the new section of mountain bike trail that I find just a bit unsettling.

If one were pedaling fast one might not react fast enough when one comes to the point in the trail where a detour takes a hard right.

I would guess there has been a pedaler, or two, who quickly hit the brakes, so as not to take an unwanted cliff dive in to the Trinity River.

After I had rolled my tires a sufficient number of rotations I returned to my motorized transport and drove to Town Talk.

Today I got enough lettuce to keep a dozen rabbits happy for a month. Romaine and Green Leaf. Plus things that would not keep a rabbit happy, like chicken legs and Jalapeno Jack cheese.

Well, it's about time to get ready for Gar the Texan's latest wedding....

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