Saturday, August 31, 2013

Biking Gateway Park At 107 Degrees Before Doing Some Crowded Town Talking On The Last Day Of August

The outer world was already 100 degrees HOT when I left my abode's air-conditioned comfort to drive to Gateway Park to do some mountain biking.

100 degrees, with the vexing heat index making it really feel like 107.

But, it really did not feel like 107 to me. Or even 100. Most of my pedaling took place under the shade of the Gateway Park jungle.

On the left you are looking at the Fort Worth Mountain Biking Association's sign that shows the various loops of the various miles of trails one can pedal on in Gateway Park.

Someone has taped another sign to the glass that protects the map. That taped sign says "Life is better on a mountain bike."

Some days life does seem to be better on a mountain bike. Rolling along at high speed on a single track trail usually does manage to elevate my mood. Endorphins released due to aerobic activity may account for some of the mood elevation.

Changing the subject from pedaling to something else.

I am appalled that today is already the last day of August. This month was eventful and flew by at hyperspeed. September will also likely disappear fast and by the start of October getting in the pool in the morning will start to be a bit bracing.

I went two times around my favorite Gateway Park mountain bike trail loop. And then it was off to Town Talk.

I have never seen Town Talk so crowded, with such long lines at the checkouts.

But, due to how efficiently the Town Talk checkers check, the wait was not long.

I got a lot of rabbit food today. Romaine lettuce, Iceberg lettuce, 10 pounds of broccoli crowns. Plus some non-rabbit food type stuff, like red onions, chicken legs, cheese, tortillas, bratwurst for my Labor Day Picnic and other stuff I am not remembering right now.

Speaking of food products. The lunch gong just went off. Time for a feeding.

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