Friday, August 2, 2013

8/2/2013 HostGator Has Been Down For Hours But Is Back Up For Now

It has been 4 years since I had web host nightmares with something called IX Webhosting.

Nightmares which caused me to move my websites to a Houston based web host called HostGator.

During the 4 years my websites have been on HostGator I have not been aware of any server downtime.

Til last week when HostGator went down for a short time, as in well less than an hour of downtime.

But now, today, HostGator went kaput again.

Starting sometime around 10 this morning I found email not working, followed by finding the websites not working.

HostGator's Twitter feed informed followers that their Provo server bank was having a network connectivity problem that was affecting their entire system. That being a system with 100s of thousands of customers with millions of domains.

Coming up on 3 in the afternoon HostGator is back working for me. I realized it was back working when I saw email incoming without a connection error. I then checked my Eyes on Texas website to see my Six Flags Over Texas webpage was back up.

And running a HostGator ad.

Further irony. I now see this very blog you are reading right now is running HostGator ads.

So, at the same time HostGator cost me money by being down, HostGator is paying me money by buying ad space on my blogs and websites.

I am hoping this has been a HostGator fluke that will quickly fade from memory and that I don't find myself having to go through the annoying process of moving websites to a new host again.

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