Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Yet One More Look At Fort Worth's Gateway Park Closed To The Public Eyesore Areas

Those are my handlebars at Gateway Park, today, in front of one of the worst eyesores among any of the many eyesores in Fort Worth's parks.

I think Fort Worth park eyesore #1 is Heritage Park in downtown Fort Worth. I think it earns the number one spot due to the number of years Heritage Park has been a cyclone fence surrounded boarded up mess and the fact that Heritage Park is in the downtown zone of the city some of the locals think is one of the Greatest Cities in the World.

The fact that these type eyesores are allowed to fester, for years, in what is believed (locally, by some) to be one of the Greatest Cities in the World, is quite perplexing.

The Areas Closed to the Public in Gateway Park have been closed for years, ever since the remnants of Hurricane Hermine caused the Trinity River to go in to flood mode.

If I remember right the Gateway Park Boardwalks were already boarded up, pre-Hermine. Due to Hermine sections of the paved trail were lost to the flooding river, with cyclone fence and Area Closed to the Public signs added.

All these years later the majority of the Gateway Park paved trails still have "Trail Temporarily Closed" signs at the entries to the trails. The trail closed signs are basically ignored, with dirt path worn in replacement of the washed out sections of paved trails.

Near the Fort Woof Dog Park in Gateway Park there is a HUGE installation of Trinity River Vision Boondoggle propaganda touting the Gateway Park Master Plan part of the TRV Boondoggle.

Does anyone actually believe that any of that which is touted in the TRV Boondoggle Gateway Park Master Plan propaganda installation will actually come to pass?

Is so when?

If, currently, the city can not even manage to keep the existing park repaired, how in the world can this extremely ambitious Gateway Park Master Plan ever come to fruition?

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