Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Welcome To The Karma Cafe Where You Get Served What You Deserved

Usually I  think a concept like "Karma" is silly.

Other times I can see where a particular individual, via his or her bad behaviors, sort of deserves to have the fates tormenting them.

The original Karma Concept is found in various Indian religions. That is Indian as in the nation, not the Native Americans.

In the West, as in the non-Asian, European/American part of the planet, we have notions similar to Karma, expressed with sayings like "What goes Around comes Around", "One Reaps what one Sows", "Live by the Sword, Die by the Sword" and "Violence Begets Violence".

The phrase "Karma is a Bitch" is also very popular.

Generally, Western popular culture's version of Karma is more of a mystically supernatural force, rather than a perspective on cause and effect.

The Karma Concept had me thinking about Facebook.

As in, if Facebook existed in the 1930s Adolf Hitler would have likely been on Facebook, with millions of Facebook Friends, hitting the "Like" button to Hitler's demented rantings.

Adolf Hitler brought some really Bad Karma on himself. And Germany.

Hitler was deathly afraid of dying from cancer, like his mother did, hence Hitler's vegetarianism, non-smoking and attempts at a healthy lifestyle, expect for being a  homicidal maniac. Hitler thought he had little time to make Germany the ruler of the world, because he thought he'd die young from cancer, hence the Blitzkreiging over-reaching that eventually led to Hitler's demise.

Hitler's Bad Karma did not have him dying from what he feared would kill him. It was not cancer that rid the world of Adolf Hitler, it was Hitler shooting himself that brought that evildoer to his just end.

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