Thursday, July 18, 2013

Walking With My Mom And The Indian Ghosts Today In Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area

That is the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's former Blue Bayou you are looking at in the picture.

The former Blue Bayou has become the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's Green Meadow.

What with all the recent rain I looked at the former Blue Bayou today and wondered where has all the water gone?

My mom walked with me today. I've been calling mom and dad's Arizona landline every couple days of late, checking to see if they made it back from Tacoma's Wedding of the Century.

Apparently mom and dad have been back from Washington for a week. I probably should have left a message saying I called, when I called. But I didn't.

My mom was sounding very chipper, but not all that pleased to be back in the extreme Arizona heat after their brief respite in the natural air-conditioned summer cold of the Pacific Northwest.

My mom also told me that she had a mighty fine time at Tacoma's Wedding of the Century, what with the event being a well planned bout of pleasantness.

Mom told me I should have been there. I told mom I was not invited. Mom told me she was told I had been invited. I then reminded mom of what I'd mentioned earlier in today's walk, that being the fact that I have become so forgetful about things one would think I would remember, like watching a basketball game or getting a wedding invitation.

At least I remembered to go swimming this morning, soon after the arrival of the sun. I'll probably forget tomorrow...

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