Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Walking Around Fosdick Lake With A Cowboy Attacking A Log

The rain break and the cool temperature, barely in to the 70s, had a lot of people out and about at Oakland Lake Park today.

Are we currently in full moon mode? I ask because I saw some loony behavior today whilst walking around Fosdick Lake.

Like the cowboy you're seeing in the picture. He was attacking old decayed logs, breaking them apart. For no reason apparent to me.

And then there was this guy and girl, singing loud as they walked along, as if practicing for a bad American Idol audition.

Then there was this couple, who I think thought they were hidden from view, who appeared to be practicing that thing married people do that sometimes results in the production of a baby.

Keeping an eye on the Fosdick Lake lunacy was the big white bird you see below.

Looking at the picture of the big white bird it looks like you can almost see how humid it is today, like there is a very thin fog of moisture hovering in the air.

Even though we are currently not HOT at my location on the planet, I am running the A/C just to get rid of that vexing humidity.

And now is that time of day where the vexing task of making lunch arrives. Salad and grilled cheese is on the menu for today.

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