Friday, July 12, 2013

Under Village Creek Shade Calling My Mom About Gas & Disneyland & Six Flags Over Texas

Looking at the picture one might deduce that it appears that it might be cool to stand in the shade of this particular tree when the outer world is being heated to 100 degrees HOT.

In this case, appearances are not deceptive. It was cool to stand in the shade of this tree around noon today.

This particular tree overlooks one of the Village Creek dam bridge crossings in the Village Creek Natural Historical  Area.

Yesterday's brief storm that blew through downtown Fort Worth dropped well over an inch of fast blown rain in a very short time. At my location, about 6 miles to the west, I only saw a couple drops. But I did hear the thunder booming in the distance while downtown Fort Worth was being stormy.

I did not get gas today but I called my mom and dad anyway. I called on their Arizona land line, figuring if they were back from going to last Saturday's Tacoma Wedding of the Century my mom would answer that phone.

No answer.

So, I called the mom and dad cell phone. No answer, no voice mail.

Speaking of getting gas. I heard on the radio, two days ago, that we could expect a big price jump, with whoever it was who was talking on the radio, advising that it might be a good plan to top off ones tank.

And so I did. But, I did not make my regular call to my mom and dad at that point in time because it was too early to be calling the time zone of wherever their current location is, either Pacific or Mountain.

I topped my tank off at $3.29 a gallon. Today I saw gas has jumped  up 20 cents at the location I topped off a couple days ago. If I remember right I pumped over 20 gallons. I am really bad at math, but I think I saved $4.00.

I think I can remember when around $4.00 could fill up the tank of my now antique 65 Ford Mustang.

Back when I drove that Mustang I could drive it to California and go to Disneyland for about $15.95 for a ticket book that had 5 E tickets.

Today if I drove to California to go to Disneyland it costs around $90 to enter the park. And there are no E tickets.

I've always liked going to Disneyland. For years, back in the last century, I'd drive to California and go to Disneyland just about every year. The last time I went to Disneyland was Christmas of 1994.

When I moved to my current location I figured I'd get a season's pass to what I hoped was the Texas version of Disneyland, Six Flags Over Texas.

During my first year in Texas I went to Six Flags on the same day John F. Kennedy Jr. went missing. I had a free pass to go to Six Flags that day. Two years after that I had another Six Flags free pass.

After two visits to Six Flags Over Texas I felt no desire to return, let alone buy a season's pass. Suffice to say, Six Flags in no Disneyland.

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