Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Tonight I Re-Learned That Victoria Is The Fort Worth Of Southwest Canada

Tonight I found myself searching my blog, trying to find info from the past, the details of which I have forgotten, hence the search.

A year or two or three ago I was asked about property adjacent to Gateway Park. I'd been asked to meet up with someone in regards to this property. I remember taking a photo of this property from a vantage point on the Tandy Hills.

The subject of property adjacent to Gateway Park came up again today, which is why I have been searching my email and blog.

I tried "lawyer" as the search keyword.

That brought up way too much about Chesapeake Energy, Carter Avenue and an inept Fort Worth judge named Sprinkle.

Then I remembered that "I-30" would likely have been mentioned in the blogging.

Again, that turned fruitless.

But, during the course of what did pop up, I came upon some amusing bloggings, like the one from February 12, 2010 titled Taking A Snow Covered Tour Of My Zone Of Texas, Fort Worth, The Arctic Of The South.

Above is one of the pictures from that blogging. A pool surrounded by snow, which I swam in for an hour this morning. One forgets, as one is chilled by almost non-stop air-conditioning, that it can get real cold at this location on the planet, naturally.

And then there is this other blogging I came upon, from October 14,  2009, titled Vancouver, British Columbia, The Fort Worth Of The North.

Apparently I have been complaining about the ridiculous Trinity River Vision Boondoggle for a long time.

I have no memory of this particular blogging, which really is a sad commentary on the state of my memory.

I would think I would have remembered this blog post due to the message from someone named Martha and the extremely amusing comment from Steve A.

What did Steve A say?

Steve A said...
Actually, as has been pointed out to me, Vancouver is in the Southwest unless you're an Imperialist American. Further, I'd say Victoria is the FW of SW Canada - Vancouver is Dallas.

Yikes! That seems kind of harsh to suggest that Victoria is the Fort Worth of Southwest Canada. Victoria is a very scenic town. With an extremely well done, well, cultural district....

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