Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Today I Found The Trinity River At Mallard Cove Park

Today I took my handlebars to Mallard Cove Park. I don't know how long Mallard Cove Park has been a park. I do know I only recently discovered this park. And I also know that it is the closest park to my abode.

As you can see, via the picture, Mallard Cove Park has paved trails, perfect for high speed biking.

Today, after a few times around the paved trails, I went off pavement in search of the Trinity River.

Going off pavement quickly turned adventurous.

Eventually I came upon an old road.

The old road led to another trail that finally brought me to the Trinity River.

This is the Trinity River in its natural state. No levees. No pond creating dams.

I could tell off road vehicles have fun in this location. At the location where I found the Trinity there is a shady grove above the river, with the river reached by going down a very steep bank. A steep bank that is deeply rutted by the off road vehicles.

I think Mallard Cove Park should expand to include the bucolic river scene you see above.

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