Friday, July 26, 2013

Taking Another Tour Of My Neighborhood's Industrial Wasteland With Signage

Rain dropped on me while I was getting wet swimming this morning. More rain is predicted to drop later today, along with lightning bolts.

So far, in the noon time frame, it does not appear that rain will be dropping any time soon.

Today I did not feel like driving anywhere to hike or bike. I'd already acquired sufficient endorphins via aerobic swimming to get me through the day in a state of peaceful bliss.

Instead of driving anywhere I walked to my neighborhood Albertsons.

You know how sometimes you stop noticing something because it sort of becomes background noise that you no longer notice?

Well, in the Albertsons strip mall parking lot north entry off Boca Raton Boulevard there sits the beat up, damaged sign you see above and on the right, that I'd ceased paying attention to because it has been so many years, now, since I first noticed this eyesore.

Would you not think that the businesses mentioned on this sign, including Albertsons, would want to have better signage representing them?

On the other side of this sign the Mr. Jim's Pizza part of it is totally faded. Mr. Jim's Pizza is the nearest business to this sign.

Would you not think that a city like Fort Worth, renowned in the minds of some locals to be one of the world's greatest cities, would have an ordinance that requires signs, such as this, not to become long standing eyesores?

Directly across the street from this sign is the industrial  wasteland I have made mention of previously, that being one of my two neighborhood Chesapeake Energy Barnett Shale gas pad sites.

I'm thinking maybe the sad condition of this sign fits with the industrial wasteland theme we seem to have going  on in my neighborhood....

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