Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Photo Documentation Of Gar The Texan & One Of His "Secret" Wives

A couple days ago, in a blogging, I mentioned that Gar the Texan was taking one more step towards his goal of breaking Mickey Rooney's multiple marriage record.

In that blogging I made note of several of Gar the Texan's "wives".

Including the "wife" known as The Vibrator and the "wife" known as The Very Big Girl.

Gar the Texan then denied that The Vibrator and The Very Big Girl were legal wives, claiming they were more of a common law type deal. And that he was still on extremely good terms with The Vibrator.

Yesterday I think I mentioned Gar the Texan's Olympic marriage record again, which caused Gar the Texan to comment with the following....

Gar has left a new comment on your post "The Old Man & The Fosdick Sea Feeding Ducks":

This will be the third legally binding type thing.

Third time's a charm and all.

The Very Big Girl is actually some invention of yours which you have picture evidence of only because she was sitting at the bar next to me.

I'm now kind of concerned about you going up to two strange ladies asking if they'd allow you to take picture of them feeding their Fosducks. 

Do they realize that pictures can be legally used in the court of Durango? 

I do not think it speaks well of Gar the Texan's character that he so cavalierly dismisses his relationship with The Very Big Girl.

That is she, The Very Big Girl, in the picture above, sitting next to her common law husband in Booger Red's Saloon in the Fort Worth Stockyards, smoking a filterless Camel between glugs of Buffalo Butt Beer.

You can see how affectionate The Very Big Girl is towards Gar the Texan, in the picture, where she sucks a drag off her cigarette while positioning her right hand to goose her "husband".

I remember when that goosing took place Gar the Texan jumped off his bar saddle and squealed like a stuck pig.

Looking at this photo it is interesting, to me, to note how much The Very Big Girl looks like the next Gar the Texan wife, that being the German. The Very Big Girl looks like the German with about 80 pounds of air pumped into her.

I found out today that Gar the Texan was having trouble finding someone willing to be the Best Man at his latest wedding. I'm thinking it is sort of a Cry Wolf thing that makes it hard to find Best Man volunteers.

So, to fill the Best Man role Gar the Texan contracted with an Indian service, as in Indian of India the nation, not Indian, as in Native American, that provides wedding props, like a Best Man.

So, an Indian, if I am understanding it correctly, who will call himself Ed, because that was the name of Gar the Texan's best friend from his grade school years, will play the role of Gar the Texan's Best Man. This pseudo Ed will be flying in from Bangalore, India.

This has to be rather expensive to fly someone to Texas all the way from India, for something like this. I would have been willing to pretend to be Gar the Texan's Best Man for a fraction of the cost....

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