Monday, July 8, 2013

Pedaling The Bob Findlay Linear Park Trail Looking For Rain

In the picture my handlebars are under Green Oaks Boulevard, in Arlington, sitting on the Bob Findlay Linear Park Trail, about 2 miles north of the east entry into the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

It was quite noticeable today that Village Creek is in dire need of a water infusion.

All of North Texas is in dire need of a water infusion.

I can not remember the last time copious amounts of incoming rain caused my location to go into flash flood mode.

Previous years, in Texas, my location would frequently go into flash flood mode. Flash flooding is one of the primary means of litter removal in North Texas. With no flash flooding the litter is starting to pile up.

I was scheduled to get a new oven installed today. A newfangled push button electronic oven. But the scheduled installation has been postponed.

I think I may have over-exerted this morning whilst swimming. My arms are sore, which is making typing unpleasant. So, I am going to stop this typing activity for now and go locate some ibuprofen.

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