Wednesday, July 10, 2013

It Is Feeling Like It Is 106 Degrees HOT In Texas So I Am Drinking A Lot Of Iced Tea

Coming up on 5 in the afternoon on this 2nd Wednesday of July the temperature has gone into triple digits mode, 101, with the humidity making it feel like 106.

Around noon I had to be at a location on Beach Street. I figured a bike ride at Gateway Park would would be a good idea, since I'd be in the neighborhood.

However, upon leaving my air-conditioned abode, making my way to my air-conditioned vehicle, the non air-conditioned outer world knocked me for a sweaty loop.

I then decided today was a good day not to have any midday endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation. It was not like I was suffering a deficit of that type stimulation, what with a long post-dawn pool bout this morning.

Tomorrow the weather predictors are predicting some possible storm action with lightning bolts. I hope those bolts are accompanied by a lot of big drops of formerly frozen H2O.

Changing the subject from one type liquid refreshment to another.

Ever since my exile in The Deep South I have resisted the regional habit of drinking Iced Tea.

Until the past couple weeks.

I have now grown fond of drinking a big cold mug if Iced Tea, several times a day. Apparently there are myriad health benefits associated with this type tea drinking.

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