Saturday, July 13, 2013

HOT Gateway Park Mountain Biking With Lizards Before Harvesting Giant Town Talk Cantaloupe

My handlebars were back in their regular Saturday position this 2nd Saturday of July, sitting atop a cliff, high above the Trinity River in Fort Worth's Gateway Park.

Today I was sharing the mountain bike trails with more fellow bikers than any previous time at this location.

The Gateway Park mountain bike trail is narrow single track, for the most part.

I prefer to do my bike riding when I'm not either asking someone if I can pass, or being asked by some young speed demon hotshot if he can pass the slow geezer blocking his way.

I keep reading reports about there being a lot of snake activity this summer. So far, I have not been seeing this. I did see a lot of reptile action today in the form of lizards.

This morning, for the first time this HOT time of the year, the water in the swimming pool is getting near to a lukewarm temperature warmer than the morning air. I prefer my pool dips to be cooling, not warming.

It being Saturday, and since Gateway Park is a short distance away, I did my regular stop at Town Talk to do some treasure hunting.

Today's best treasure was huge cantaloupe. I had one for lunch. Best cantaloupe I've had this century. Best I can remember since years ago, in Utah, camping in a KOA, next to a cantaloupe field.

Also got some jalapenos, dozens of chicken legs, extra sharp white cheddar cheese, jicama, a case of Siggi brand Icelandic style yogurt in the ginger/orange flavor. And likely some other stuff I am forgetting right now.

Today it is scheduled to be heated to over 100 again. But tomorrow, if the temperature predictors are predicting correctly, a cold front arrives, dropping the Sunday down into the low 80s. Not quite a get out the long underwear level of chill. But I will make sure I have a sweatshirt available.

Rain is also in the forecast for Sunday. I'll believe that when I can step outside for a natural shower.

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