Friday, July 26, 2013

Finding Ma & Pa's 50th Anniversary Party Is A Bit Depressing

I think I've mentioned I've been going through all my web files, making changes.

I have been making web files since the early 1990s. Web files created since around 1998 still exist, for the most part, and are located in hundreds of folders stored in my durangotexas domain.

Going through all the web files I am finding all sorts of things I'd forgotten I'd done. Such as making a webpage with a few photos that I took at my mom and dad's 50th Wedding Anniversary Party, back on August 11, 2001.

No one, but my two oldest nephews, knew I was driving myself up to Washington for mom and dad's anniversary. This was to be the last time I have driven back to Washington.

Even though the 50th party was on the 11th, my mom and dad's actual anniversary is August 6, the same day an angry America dropped the world's first atom bomb on a town in Japan named Hiroshima.

My mom and dad always seem to have their significant anniversary parties on August 11, rather than Hiroshima Day. I remember the 40th was also on August 11, out on Samish Island.

This coming August 6 Hiroshima Day will be mom and dad's 63rd Anniversary, if I am counting correctly.

Looking at the Ma & Pa's 50th Anniversary Party webpage is sort of depressing. Several in the pictures are no longer living. Like my Grandma Vera, Uncle Mel, Glen Youngren, Kate the Brit and her boyfriend, Jack and Rosie the Rat Dog.

And I could see my Aunt Mike in one of the photos. At that point in time Aunt Mike was in good health, still running and biking, looking younger than her years, still a blonde.

And now, just a few short years later Aunt Mike is in an assisted care facility with Alzheimer's.

Like I said.


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