Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Circa 1980s Blast From The Past From Spencer Jack's Dad

Lately with disturbing regularity I find myself unable to remember something I would think I should be able to remember.

I have had two incidents of memory lapse this morning. One lapse occurred when I read a reference to the Ronde-Voo Drive-In in Lynden, Washington. I remember this drive-in by name, but can not remember where it is, or was, in Lynden.

Lynden was pretty much my second hometown whilst growing up in Washington. This is the town where both my grandma's lived.

Then there is the photo above, emailed to me from Spencer Jack's dad. The text in the email....

Lucky number 13 appears to be a relative. I do have vivid memories of watching her play basketball. And softball. And I'm pretty sure that mural still exists at B-EHS.

I remember lucky number 13 playing softball. I remember watching lucky number 13 be named Most Valuable Player in the state softball championship tournament in Wenatchee.

But, I do not remember ever watching lucky number 13 play basketball. I remember watching both of lucky number 13's older sisters play basketball.

Basketball watching is just about the only sport I have ever had any tolerance for spectating.

So, I either never watched lucky number 13 play basketball. Or I did watch number 13 play basketball, but do not remember doing so.

I suspect the fact of the matter is I did watch lucky number 13 play basketball, but have no memory of it.

Is this a sign I am sliding down a slippery slope to senility?

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