Thursday, July 11, 2013

Being Blocked By Fosdick Lake Fosducks While Enjoying A Sauna Steam Bath

Unlike yesterday, today I did not let the HOT heat keep me from enjoying a sauna steam bath.

I took today's sauna steam bath at Oakland Lake Park by walking around Fosdick Lake.

My walk around the lake required a detour when I found a flock of Fosducks refusing to give up paved trail territory.

I think the Fosducks may be being territorily aggressive under the apparent leadership of a white bird with a long neck.

The white bird with the long deck acted as if it was on patrol, waddling the perimeter around the flock of Fosducks, while the Fosducks quacked.

While walking around Fosdick Lake today I thought about how nice it would be to escape to a South Pacific Island with no Internet and few humans. And a lot of mangoes and fish to catch. I'd take Elsie Hotpepper with me because she is good at cooking with exotic ingredients and climbing trees, a skill which would come in useful for acquiring coconuts.

Speaking of cooking with exotic ingredients.

And who isn't?

Jicama is on the lunch menu today. I got used to my newfangled electronic oven much quicker than I anticipated. Once I figured out how to stop the oven from talking to me I had no more using the new oven issues.

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