Saturday, July 27, 2013

An Almost Chilly Walk Around Fosdick Lake Before Finding Poblano Batard Bread At Town Talk

That thin slice of blue in the middle of the picture is Fosdick Lake. In this view we are on a hill in Oakland Lake Park, looking west.

My Saturday norm, of late, has been to go biking at Gateway Park and then on to Town Talk.

However, yesterday afternoon a deluge dropped some water which likely rendered parts of the Gateway Park mountain bike trail muddy.

When I mountain biked in the Pacific Northwest biking through mud was quite common. But Pacific Northwest mud does not have the glue-like consistency of Texas mud. And so I avoid biking on Texas mud, if I can help it.

Today there were a lot of people enjoying walking around Fosdick Lake and playing in Oakland Lake Park. I think the large number of people enjoying being outdoors is explained by the temperature being unusually cold for the last Saturday of July in North Texas.

As in, the air was only heated into the low 80s when I went walking. Low 80s with a wind blowing. It was almost chilly. I probably should have kept my shirt on.

I had better treasure hunting this week at Town Talk than I did last Saturday.

Today I got a couple bags of Romaine Hearts, 4 bags of Spring Lettuce Mix, a case of Greek Honey Yogurt, Extra Sharp White Cheddar Cheese, a bag of something called Poblano Batard Bread, Whole Grain Bagels, Chorizos and dozens of Chicken Legs.

I am not sure what to do with Chorizos or Poblano Batard  Bread. But tomorrow I think I will see if paired together those items make a Mexican Hot Dog.

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