Monday, July 29, 2013

A Wreck On The Way To Mallard Cove With A Scary Cliff Above An Upside Down Car In The Trinity River

I came upon the disturbing scene you see on the left on my way to Mallard Cove Park to pedal my handlebars.

When I took a turn to the right to head east on Randol Mill Road I saw the road blocked by a firetruck, police cars, emergency vehicles and a lot of flashing lights on the west side of where Randol Mill crosses I-820.

One lane was getting through to the east. As I waited for the light to turn green I snapped the picture. Though I thought not at first, the guy on the ground was still alive. I saw an EMT guy talking to him and then changing his focus to another injured guy, on a stretcher, being moved to an ambulance.

The light turned green and I proceeded on to Mallard Cove Park.

The paved trails at Mallard Cove Park are fine for a couple loops. But then I exit the park zone to explore via beat up old access roads. At one point I came to the view you see below.

A narrow trail came to its end. I could see the view you see above. I assumed the Trinity River was  flowing towards me. But then I slowly stepped to the edge of the precipice to see I was wrong in my assumption.

Due to my bad photography skills I was not able to accurately capture how high the above cliff is. Or how fast the Trinity River was flowing, making rapids. As I walked towards the precipice I thought the Trinity River was flowing towards me and that when I got to the edge of the cliff I would see the river continuing on to my right, heading east. Instead I got to the cliff's edge and looked down to be very startled to see the river directly below me and flowing in the opposite direction I assumed it was flowing.

It took me awhile to figure out that the Trinity River was making a big oxbow turn at this location, with the turn having the river head back west before making another turn to the east. I need to look at Google Earth to see how the  river manages to do this at this location.

And then from the same view there was something disturbing in the middle of the river.

The disturbing thing in the middle of the river appeared to be an upside down vehicle, sort of a continuation of today's car wreck theme. And also continuing with today's car wreck theme, sort of, is the scene I came upon below.

Dozens of abandoned tires of various sizes. Why do people dispose of tires in this manner in so many locations I come upon in the D/FW Metro Zone? This tire collection is located a short distance west of the western boundary of Mallard Cove Park.

UPDATE: Just as I thought it might, Google Earth solved the mystery of how it was I was confused by the direction the Trinity River was flowing today. As you can see the river takes an Oxbow turn at the location I saw it whilst standing atop a cliff, heads west, before turning back east to continue its journey to the Gulf of Mexico.

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