Sunday, July 7, 2013

A Sunny Sunday Discovery Of A Riderless Mountain Bike On The Tandy Hills

No, that is not my mountain bike you are looking at in the picture.

The bike in the picture is sitting on the "road" that heads east from the Tandy Highway, with the eastward junction with the Tandy Highway being a short distance south of Tandy Falls.

Bikes are not allowed on the Tandy Hills. I could find no bike rider to go with the bike. I did not touch the bike, but it appeared to be fully functional. No flat tires, no broken chain.

Why would someone pedal a bike to this location and abandon it?

Yet one more Tandy Hills mystery.

I had not gone hill hiking for a week or two. Or so it seems. The heat was very HOT today, giving me my desired Tandy Hills Sauna Steam Bath that always has such a salubrious effect on my sense of well being.

I was in the pool for about an hour this morning, soon after the sun arrived. I think I am getting a sufficient amount of healthy exercise.

Yesterday I checked my blood pressure for the first time in a long time. 116/68, pulse rate of 52.

Before I moved to Texas I had a high blood pressure problem.

Texas has been good to me in so many ways....

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