Sunday, July 21, 2013

A Shady Ride Through The Village Creek Natural Historical Area Jungle

It is not the HEAT. It's the humidity. I never understood this particular weatherism til I moved to the Deep South and experienced humidity.

Today, due to that vexing humidity. And the HEAT. I felt like taking my handlebars somewhere shady to get some outdoor relief.

The paved trail in Arlington's Village Creek Natural Historical Area is the shady place, closest to my abode, that is bike friendly. And so, that is where I drove to do some pedaling.

Via the picture you can sort of see that the paved trail trails through what looks like a jungle. The sound effects are also jungle-like, though you can not hear them in the picture. Cicadas making a racket, along with assorted birds and other critters, unidentified, making a jungle symphony.

This morning I started the biggest upgrade to my Eyes on Texas website since 2009. It is a vexing task to go through the 100s of webpages, altering them. Vexing, yet strangely relaxing. It takes me an hour or two to get myself into HTML code mode. Once I get in to code mode I am quite fast at the webpage altering.

Back to website upgrading now...

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