Monday, July 1, 2013

A Board Walk With My Sister In Arlington's Veterans Park

I was not bored walking the Veterans Park boardwalk today in Arlington.

This Arctic Blast which has returned natural cold air to North Texas, temporarily, is quite refreshing.

My sister who is usually in Arizona, but is currently in Idaho, went walking with me today.

Yesterday I mentioned my sister had a vehicular malfunction whilst driving to one of my other sister's wedding in Tacoma. I had been misinformed by my parental units that my sister was stranded in Twin Falls.

Instead my sister, and nephew, CJ, are stranded about 140 miles northwest of Twin Falls, in Nampa, Idaho. It was the air-conditioner that malfunctioned, with the repair to be made by this afternoon.

Meanwhile my mom  and dad arrived in Bend, Oregon much earlier than I, and my cousin, had anticipated. And so, my cousin was out of town, so, as far as I know, my mom did not get to see her sister. That will now need to wait for the return trip to Arizona.

Have I ever mentioned that Arlington's Veterans Park is an extremely well done park? With modern restroom facilities, with  no outhouses  to be seen anywhere, unlike that which is the park design aesthetic of the town to Arlington's west.

In Veterans Park there are locations where one can not tell one is at the heart of a 6 million plus people metropolitan zone, such as the location above with the gnarled tree, with green trees as far as one can see.

Veteran's Park has miles of paved trail, a boardwalk and landscaped walkway through a garden, a  Xeriscape, miles of unpaved, wooded trails, a music pavilion of the real permanent sort, again, unlike the design aesthetic of that town  to Arlington's west and many other amenities that add up to being a park a city can be proud to have in town.

Among the Veterans Park amenities I forgot to mention is the Veterans Park Memorial.

At the base of the Veterans Park Memorial there are memorial bricks honoring soldiers from American Wars all the way back to the Mexican-American War.

There are Civil War bricks from both the Confederate and Union side of the War of Northern Aggression. Choctaw Code Talker bricks, Spanish-American War bricks, plus bricks from all the wars of the previous and current century, World Wars I & II, the Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq War, War in Afghanistan and likely other wars I'm not remembering right now.

I  can not be the only one who notices that America seems to get into a lot of wars.....

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