Thursday, June 6, 2013

Up Early After A Big Storm Banged Overhead In The Middle Of The Night

You can sort of tell, via the early dawn view from my patio overlook, that the morning of the first Thursday of June has some storm potential.

In the middle of last night, around 3 AM, I began hearing drops of water hit my window, soon followed by wind and an increase in the water droppage.

Big bangs began a short time later, with the big banging lasting for a long time, maybe an hour, or longer.

This was the most lightning striking and thunder booming I've seen and heard in recent memory.

The forecast for today is for some more storming.

Last night I watched a NOVA episode about the Moore, Oklahoma tornado. I'd not seen so much footage, previously, of the damage from that tornado. It was rather sobering.

I don't think it will make me quite so cranky any more when the local TV weathermen go all drama queen over incoming storm action.

I do not know, at present, if the weather will permit any endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation in the noon time frame.

I do know that the weather can not stop me from getting some endorphin inducing aerobic stimulation in a couple minutes, in that glowing turquoise body of water you see in the picture above.

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