Monday, June 10, 2013

Today Village Creek Was Not In Flash Flood Mode

Yesterday a flash flooding Village Creek had the Village Creek Natural Historical Area's parking lot one accesses from Dottie Lynn Parkway, closed.

Today the parking lot was open so I was able to walk to the dam bridge I could not get to yesterday, as well as the dam bridge I was able to get to yesterday, but not cross.

Today it was not a flooding creek that rendered Village Creek impassable. It was a bulldozer. With no bulldozer operator to be seen.

I am fairly certain that this bulldozer did not get carried to this position by the flash flood, however, it was rather strange how it was positioned, blocking access, with no operator to be seen, as if it had been deposited at this location by Mother Nature.

Below is what I saw yesterday from the Interlochen side of the Village Creek Natural Historical Area.

Below is the same view, 24 hours later.

Today, for the first time ever, it crossed my mind to wonder where Village Creek enters the Trinity River.

Yesterday I got Google Earth back working after an upgrade rendered it useless. I'm guessing I can use Google Earth to find the answer to the where does Village Creek terminate question.

I did not need to use Google Earth to find the missing Elsie Hotpepper. Miss Hotpepper resurfaced this morning. One less thing to worry about.

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