Friday, June 7, 2013

The Fosdick Lake White Swan Along With A Murder Of Crows Behaving Badly

The Fosdick Lake White Swan continues to hold court in Oakland Lake Park in the same location the bird has sat for weeks.

Just like was the case with my last White Swan visit, today two ducks were all that were sitting with the White Swan.

Meanwhile a flotilla of ducks were barely offshore, sort of keeping company with the lonely White Swan.

Today my Swan Food was sunflower seeds. The ducks seemed to like the sunflower seeds more than the White Swan did.

In addition to a White Swan and ducks and the regular turtle contingent, I came upon a large murder of crows acting as if they were auditioning for a remake of Hitchcook's The Birds. It seems as if recently I read of a murder of crows attacking people engaged in some outdoor activity, like picnicking. It seems as if this was in Washington, but my failing memory is not giving me access to the details.

The maid just rang the lunch gong. Today I think lunch is going to be baked whole wheat cheddar cheese pepperoni spaghetti and salad. This sounds good to me. Because I am hungry.

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