Thursday, June 6, 2013

Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election Recount Flushed

For days I wondered what was up with the Tarrant Regional Water District Board Election recount.

I knew the recount had been halted, but I was sketchy on the details of why or how the recount was halted.

And now, this afternoon, via Facebook, I am no longer sketchy regarding the details of why or how the recount was halted.....

To fill everyone in; My recount request was unsuccessful. We started the recount with just 90 votes (out of over 40,000) separating me from an elected position on the board. After ALL paper ballots cast in the election were counted and a "sampling" of the electronic ones... I had gained an additional 10 votes, but with only electronic ballots remaining and NO errors found in any of those samples, I called off the remainder of the recount. I want to Thank EVERYONE for the incredible effort and invite you to congratulate Director-Elect Mary Kelleher who garnered the MOST VOTES IN TRWD HISTORY. Mary is in the unique position to be able to influence the board from within and to help introduce a little sunshine to the inside. She can't do it without all our help and support and from time-to-time will need a serious display of support at meetings to help remind the incumbents that she has a huge following. Again, Thank You all for the support. There is MUCH MORE to come very soon.

John Austin Basham

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